From Dust You Came


After God made the heavens and the earth, He filled the earth with all kinds of vegetation and living creatures of the land, sea and air, and He proclaimed it was all "Good."

All that took Him five days, and on the sixth day He created man 'in His Own Image'!

Until then there was no creature that could communicate with God face to face. Like all parents God wanted children He could be in relationship with, and so Adam came into being.

I love the next bit, my imagination runs riot!

God brought all the animals for Adam to name, and whatever he called them that is their name today. Can you imagine Adam staring into the trunk of an elephant, or taking a humming bird in his hands and listening to the sound of it's wings? And so it went on and on.

In the midst of all this naming, God realised that there was not a creature who could relate to Adam in shape or size. So He put Adam into a deep sleep, popped out one of his ribs and whittled a woman!

And when God saw what he had created, He called them,

"Very good!"




Have you ever watched a potter take a lump of clay and begin shaping it? The potter has in his mind what the pot will be like and what it will be used for, all pottery is made to contain something.

 Adam and Eve were filled with God's Holy Spirit and clothed in Light, and that enabled them to be in relationship with Him.

You probably know the rest of the story. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil - the devil snake -the apple and then they suddenly knew they were naked - the blaming game began.

Adam said, "The woman You gave me, gave it to me to eat." 

Eve said, "It was the snake he tricked me."

and the snake said nothing!

O'dear, it was all down hill from there on. No more garden, no more easy pickings, no more Light clothes and worst of all, no more of God's Holy Spirit in them; they lost their intimate relationship with the Father.

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01.09 | 09:46

Beautiful - the paintings and the themes. Thank you

13.01 | 13:37

Hi Gill,
My name is Vicky Cooper, daughter of Martin Webb, a neighbour and friend of yours from New Mills in the 80's/90's.
I'd love to make contact with you.

22.10 | 23:21

So lovely to see your work on our IPad it is beautifull.
Lots of love

11.05 | 20:03
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