Universal Glory

In the Beginning


We are now able to see into the heavens like never before and this is what inspired this painting.  The constellation Orion is a star factory and it's constantly pumping new stars into our solar system. The ability to see the colours in space tells me that the Holy Spirit's sevenfold spectrum operates outside the limits of earth.  If this is so, then our Creator God is truly Omnipresent!


Since I became a Christian colour has always excited me.  As I mix the paint to match whatever I'm trying to portray, I never cease to wonder how God separated the sevenfold colours of the Holy Spirit into individual colours and then buried most of them in the earth.  I think He just likes to surprise us!  Have you ever wondered why your paint water becomes a muddy brown? It's quite simple, muddy brown was the colour of the earth from which God moulded Adam.


"From the dust of the earth you came and to the earth you will return." Genesis 2:19


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01.09 | 09:46

Beautiful - the paintings and the themes. Thank you

13.01 | 13:37

Hi Gill,
My name is Vicky Cooper, daughter of Martin Webb, a neighbour and friend of yours from New Mills in the 80's/90's.
I'd love to make contact with you.

22.10 | 23:21

So lovely to see your work on our IPad it is beautifull.
Lots of love

11.05 | 20:03
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